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Customer Comments

I found your website and ordered 3 different patches and have never looked back, Daniel loves chosing what patch he will wear that day, we never have tears or arguments or constant asking when can he take it off, now he puts a patch on no trouble at all! What a relief, great service too, cant recommend it enough!
Natalie Wilson

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Customer Comments


I give the highest recommendation of m'eye patches to any child who needs to undergo patching. They are comfortable, durable, washable and didn't raise a single complaint from my 7 year old son who wore a patch for 2 years. They are as effective as the stick on patches (Moorfields assessed my son wearing one) and 100% more comfortable and less distressing. The customer service is also efficient & helpful. Thank you so much for creating this product to help us through a potentially difficult period!

My 5-year-old daughter has been wearing your eye patches (I have now bought six) since September, and she has gone from 3/10 in her left eye to 9/10 in 6 months after having to wear it for 8 hours a day, five days a week. Her Italian orthopist had not seen these patches before and she called in other doctors to look at it and also asked for your website. She is amazed at Sofia's progress in such a short time. Sofia has never complained about wearing them and all the children at her school love seeing which one she has chosen to wear that day. Thank you.
Nicky Johnson

Hi there, thought I'd send a wee message. Elise is doing fab with her frozen eye patch she wears it the full 3hours a day (2-3hours were asked for) and even asks for it on. We aren't back seeing her opthamologist until September but she happened to see us at the hospital yesterday while we were there for orthotics. She was super impressed with Elises patch and even brought her colleague out to see it. She commented on how the are bigger than the ones they recieve to give out so there's no peeking over the top and she's took your website so her and her colleague can now recommend them to patients. Thanks so much for creating the worlds best patch.
Kirsty Hall

Thank you so much for the fast delivery, my 5yr daughter is rocking the butterfly patch, i'ts so easy she put the patch on and off herself. Not once have we had any problems great fit and good size
Jennifer Weir

Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful product. We've just ordered a 2nd as my daughter was so pleased with the 1st. We've just started patching and the first few days had been very difficult with tears and tantrums. Was really worried we wouldn't be successful with patching but she put her m'eye patch on and didn't mention it again. One less thing to worry about!
Michelle Jempson

I ordered some eye patches from South Africa. I was delighted to received them. They are brilliant! Thank you so much. I was so glad to see that you post to South Africa. I am so grateful to have them as I'm sure you know eye patching can be daunting for both the child & parents. Your eye patches make it so much easier. My son is very happy to wear them, especially that they have his favourite super hero & vehicles on! I can see that your eye patches are so much more comfortable and practical compared to an eye patch with elastic or the stick on one. My son is so proud of his eye patches. Thank you
Cathryn Walker

Just wanted to give feedback about patch I bought from yourselves... I have a 3 half ur old son who only had about 20-30% vision in his left eye.. Due to a lazy eye.. I had a terrible time trying to patch his eye he just didn't like the sticky patches, there are like big plasters we were getting no where patching it was becoming a real difficulty.. My orthorptist told me about these patches that ye do so I ordered one recently a fire engine one! And I must say it has been magic really magic my son thinks Fireman Sam sent it and has no bother wearing it with his glasses.. It's fits perfect and comfortable for him. We had a follow up appointment today and already he is up to 80% vision in his left eye.. It's just a fantastic product everyone who has to do eye patching with a child should definite buy one they are truly fantastic.. Delighted with results

I would just like to let you know that I received my daughter's eye patch today and I am so impressed with the speedy delivery and my daughter is absolutley thrilled with it as the plaster type were very sore to take off.

I've just passed my second order from you after being so satisfied with the first one. I wanted to thanks you for the quick shipping and great quality of your product.
Michael Delcourt Pepin

Hi, just want to thank you for the eyepatch really really fantastic - I have tears in my eyes typing this as although my 2.5 year old finds it hard with your patch, not remotely as hard as she would find the stick on ones on her eye. she loves tinker bell and the kids in her crèche just said what is that and her brother (4) said tinker bell patch isn't it cool and that was that. Your business is making a big difference thanks again BTW she is only 2.5 and it fits perfectly thanks

We received the Tinkerbell patch in super quick time - I just want to say a massive thank you for such a fab product. My daughter only started wearing a patch last week and the hospital provided us with sticky patches. They were awful! After 2 days of using and massive tears from my daughter she began saying she didn't want her patch on, I thought enough is enough and stumbled across your website - my daughter loves this patch and is quite willing to wear it all day if required lol!! massive massive thank you I will definitely be ordering some more :) From one very happy mummy and daughter :)
Joanna Pirie

Thank-you for the quick delivery excellent eye patch for my 5year old. She loves it & now wants to order another made it so much easier to get her to wear eye patch to help her vision to correct.
Jonathan Sampson

Service was brilliant, arrived within a couple of days, and would highly recommend. My son is very happy to wear the patch as it doesn't irritate his skin, and the children at school like guessing which one he will be wearing that day.
Jackie Cowlam

Just wanted to say a massive thank you. We got ours in my daughters beloved hello kitty style in October. Needless to say the moment she put it on, she keeps it on. She's only required to wear it for 2 hours a day, but her preschool and friends are amazed with how great it looks. Some children wants glasses JUST for the patch! You have genuinely made one little girl (and mummy) very happy. Just wish you were around 20 years ago when I needed one! Thankyou again and happy new year.

The very first time we removed the sticky plaster from my 3 year old son's face it raised pin pricks of blood, and he was so distraught I knew I would never be able to apply another one. It was a huge relief to find an alternative, and as my son needed a patch for 3 years they were worth the money; his life would have been a misery otherwise. Prompt delivery to Greece, and I have been asked by his ophthalmic surgeon and other parents where they can buy the patches from as this ingenious device is not known here.
Karen Vaughan

Posting a huge thank you! My daughter has just started wearing a patch for 4 hours a day. Luckily she didn't mind wearing the sticky patch supplied by the NHS but she DID mind me taking it off, ouch, she would cry every time!! Thanks to the arrival of your patch today I think I can safely say there will be no more tears, absolutely brilliant product! Would recommend 100% :-)
Helen Cox

Extremely satisfied customer. Thank you so much!!!!"
Emma Waite

Hi there. Just want to say a big THANK YOU for your wonderful eye patches! My son loves them and is happy to wear them :)
Cassandra Davis

My sons patches arrived today, they look fab and I love the stickers, so much more professionally packaged than I expected :) will let you know how he gets on with them :D
Di Harris

Really pleased with my sons Thomas the tank eye patch that I only ordered yesterday I received today so really fast delivery and brilliant quality thank you very much
Elaine Pearson

Just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful product! My daughter had been using the sticky eye patches for 2.5 weeks and every day was a battle as she has such long eyelashes and has to wear glasses too the self adhesive patch was crushing her eyelashes and causing pain in her eye I ordered a patch from you at 7pm on a Tuesday and it was being used at 7am on Thursday :-) fabulous thank you so much we will be ordering another couple!!!
Sue Cambridge-Green

Great invention - so much nicer & more comfortable than the NHS plaster patches. My daughter loves it - so much that i've just ordered a 2nd one!
Gillian Kennedy

Brilliant service thank you, next day delivery and no more tears from my 5 yr old when he has to put his patch on
Amanda Munt

I would like to say thank you for the extremely quick delivery of a patch I ordered for my 4 year old daughter. I ordered it late yesterday and it arrived today. My daughter is very excited about her sticker that she gets to wear when she puts her patch on tomorrow. Getting her to wear her old patch has been near impossible, lets hope it works aswell as it has for others. Thanks very much

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the great help your "Cars" patch has been (and still is) for my son. I started with the "sticky" patches, which are the only ones available in France, but he soon developed an allergy to them so I had to look for something else,... and eventually found you on the web... It only took you 2 days to send him his fabric one and I cannot express my gratitude because he hasn't complained once about wearing it, even though it had to be 24h a day. His vision is so much better (+ 4 points in 3 weeks)... Big thank you for your help and for the quality of your products. The orthoptist was impressed and I gave her your website address so she can pass it on to other parents. Kind regards, Isabelle Kletzmayr and Samuel, 8.
Isabelle Kletzmayr

The eye patches I ordered for my daughter arrived today and I'm delighted with them, the pictures don't do them justice. The shipping time was excellent. Overall I'm one very happy customer, thank you.
Susan Nolan

Hi, my little boy has been wearing your patches for a few months now, he didnt like the hospital ones, and wouldnt wear them, i came across yours and my son helped pick the ones he wanted to wear! Just been back to hospital and hes making great progress. His vision is improving and hopefully in a few more months he wont need them anymore. A huge thank you for helping my little boy to want to wear a patch. Highly recommend.
Mel Janney

I don't usually leave feedback but I don't think I can say enough good about your patches! I am in France but the delivery was extremely rapid. I can't say that my eight year old begs me to let him wear his patch but it is an awful lot easier and he will keep it on longer than the sticky patches. He has recuperated 3 points in 3 weeks with his new patch; his orthoptist, who had never seen this kind of patch, is equally impressed and will probably be placing an order very soon! Thank you for making a difficult situation an awful lot easier.

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making my little boy's life so much easier. He was recently diagnosed with lazy eye and absolutely hated the plaster patches. I was thrilled when I came across your website as I was desperate to find a comfortable alternative for him. He absolutely loves his monkey eye patch and is more than happy to wear it. I have just ordered another one as spare. Thank you so much. I am very grateful.
Joanna Ward

I just wanted to say I am incredibly grateful for how quickly my eye patch arrived. I ordered last night at around 4pm and it arrived this morning, and my little girl loves it. Thank you
Sarah Arnold

We received the eye patch, many thanks. Your service is brilliant, all very professional and our daughter is so pleased and loves her sticker. Best regards!
Denise Tebbutt

Thank you so much for despatching so quickly. My little boy is wearing the pirate patch with pride:) A fabulous design & great service. Kind Regards
Yvonne Wright

Just wanted to let you know that I received the eye patch yesterday morning, (the day after ordering it), so thank you. My 5 year old daughter has been a nightmare to get to wear her patches but since yesterday has worn her new meyepatch twice without any reluctance... Thank you. I will be ordering another one soon. Again, thank you very much - I was browsing the internet about patches when I came across your website so I'm really glad I did.
Lorraine Harris

I ordered a patch for my daughter a few days ago and received it this morning (prompt delivery is very appreciated!). I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with it. This is the first patch that fully occludes and fits well on her face, and she is very pleased with how comfortable it is. We will definitely be ordering more! It seems our search for the perfect patch is finally over. :)
A. Caron

Thank you so much the patch is fantastic and loads better than the patch the hospital gave me. I have one very happy little boy.
Toni Wright

Hi, I see you have introduced a skull patch for adults great, I just had to buy one. I have been using your eye patches for quite a while the children's size as the selection was so much better and look to be continuing to need a patch for both my glases as my thyroid eye disease continues. I can recommend your patches as I wear them all day every day, I do when ever I can. your eye patches are just wonderful, all the best Fiona.
Fiona Potter

Thank you so much for the amazing service, I ordered my patch on Friday night and it arrived today (Monday). My 5 year old has been having so much trouble with the plaster patches, hes poor little face is red raw, and as a result hasn't wanted to wear the patches at all. Thank god for my'eye patch, as soon as it arrived today, I have had no problems at all, my little boy Max is more than happy to wear it now as it doesn't hurt him, plus it has cars 2 on it, thank you so much.
Clare Stanley & Max Stanley xxxxx.

WE JUST LOVE THEESE :) My 4 year old girl have been wearing eyepatches for a while, and she did not like it. we had a long and irritating conflict everytime, and she took it off, because they annoied her so much. After I bougth the meyeeyepatches, we have had no problem getting her to wear them. her kindergardenteatchers are amazed to see that its no longer a problem getting her to wear eyepatches anymore. Im so glad I found this webpage, because we can not buy this in Denmark.

Looking forward to receiving new patches. Finding your site changed our lives !! my son has improved his eye so much and was absolutely refusing the stick on patches, Many many thanks x
Jessie Cahn

Thanks this has made patching much easier for my 4 year old. No more sore eyebrows....which is what he complained about. No tears or tantrums. Thanks
Lorna Lang

Just to thank you for your efficient service, I received the order today. Pretty good from UK to Spain in 3 days! The eye patches are also very comfortable to wear and being cotton nice and cool in the sun. A big thank you!
Susan Redfern

I just wanted to say a massive "thankyou" for your prompt delivery of the 2 patches I ordered.
2 weeks ago my 4 year old son had to start wearing the "sticky" patches and my goodness, were they sticky???!! Daily removal of the patches was a seriously traumatic experience for him. His eyebrows were stuck to the patches and the delicate skin around his eyes was being seriously stretched!!! I hoped there was a better solution to this problem and came across your website by chance - what a find!!!
My son has gone into school today to receive unanimous, positive attention from children and staff alike!!!
We are a very happy family again!!!!
Thank you so much for this fantastically innovative idea!!!!
Tracy Hall

Excellent product !!
My son is now a very happy child with his new pirate patch. It was an extreme ordeal for both myself and my son when I was using a sticky eye patch, lots of tears and tantrums from both of us! He now goes off to school happy with his 'cool' eye patch! A million thanks for your brilliant product. And I will be recommending it to other parents. PS am also very impressed with how quickly I received the patch. A++ for your delivery service.
Fiona Meade

Absolute great product,my 5 year old daughter was very uncomfortable with patching until we found your website and ordered some patches now she can't wait to wear them! Thank you.
Robert Thomas

I don't normally bother with feedback for things i purchase, however, i felt i really needed to say a big thank you for selling this product. You have made my 3 year old little girl and her mum very happy! After struggling to get my daughter to wear her uncomfortable sticky eye patch, she was so happy with her new eyepatch that she told us she was going to wear it all day - even for bed!! We now have a happy child who wears her eyepatch for 4 hrs per day without complaint. An absolutely brilliant product. THANK YOU.
Sue Collinge (+ Mia aged 3)

I just want to say that these eye patches are absolutely fantastic! My daughter has been wearing them for the last 5 months and we have heard today that she can be weaned off wearing them - the hospital are really impressed with her progress. Her progress has only been so good because she has been so willing to wear the patch....which is down to you guys!! Making them so attractive and comfortable has helped us so much. Well worth the money spent. Thank you so much. I have been already and I will continue to be recommending them to everyone!!
Dawn Hinton

I just wanted to express my thanks for the exceptional service provided, the eye patches arrived today after being ordered at 5.30 last night.
Julie Stacey

We are living in South Africa. My 6 year old daughter has been patching for 3 months now with sticky patches and then cotton patches with tape. Its been a nightmare. I then found you on the internet and ordered some to be sent to my mother in the UK. When the patches arrived in South Africa today my daughter cried with happiness. SHe is absolutely over the moon and cannot wait to show off her patches to her friends. Thank you. Its made a HUGE difference.
Jo Mueller

Just wanted to say thank you so much for making our lives a whole lot easier with these patches. We no longer have tears and tantrums every morning struggling to put on the sticky plaster type patches prescribed by the Eye Hospital - our son just puts on his glasses with the patch attached without us asking and its job done! such a brilliant product I think the hospitals should tell patients there are other alternitives to the sicky patches they give out as we have had two weeks of hell before we discovered Meyepatch - thank you.
Sally Smart

I just want to say a huge thank you! my 5 yr old son would scream and shout when it was time to put the horrid sticky patches on because he knew they hurt so bad pulling them off. he adores his thomas patch and we now have no more tears. your website should be recomended by the hospitals as an alternative to the sticky ones.
Danniella Edwards

Just wanted to share some postive news we have had and show how much your patch really does work.
My daughter has been using your Dora patch for just 6 weeks, we had our appt at the hospital yesterday and they have confirmed that her right eye now has improved by a massive 50% already.
Thank you so much and good luck to all the other kids and parents who are currently patching.
Charlotte Smith

I ordered the two eye patches yesterday for my son and received them this morning. I am sooo pleased with the service. Thank you very much. My son was given one by his Orthoptist as he has to patch his eye every day. Unfortunately, it got lost and I was worried about not being able to patch his eye. He has had the patch on this morning and loves the football one.
Kind Regards,
Kemmy Fitzpatrick

I just wanted to say that Rivlin's M'eye patch has made patching such an easy experience - he only mildly objected the first time he wore it, and would happily wear it all day if I didn't remind him it was time to take it off!
Here is a picture of Riv with his Thomas eye patch - which he is now very fond of!

Kind regards, and thanks - it's a great product and easily worth the price!
Karen, Dave and Rivlin O'Neill

It is brilliant!
My daughter loves it and is wearing it with pride, thank you.
Lisa Hutchinson

I just have to give you an update, my daughter went for a check up wearing your eye patch and they had no issue with it as it was not the standard issue, (to my surprise). They actually had some of yours there to give out. She has gone up 3 levels in her bad eye and they are so pleased with her progress they reckon she wont have to wear it for much longer. Still my daughter has no issue wearing them and the comments she gets wearing them such as "gosh there fab what a great idea much better than the sticky ones!!!!.

Once again I can only thank you for making them reasonably priced and fun to wear it has made our life much easier and I am so glad I found the website.
Heidi Bruder-Dennis

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Our daughter was so upset when she was told she had to have a patch and the plaster ones marked her face and hurt. When I found your website I thought great and they are fab
patches she now wears it with out any trouble and chooses which one to wear.
Yesterday she had to have her plaster patch on as her glasses were being repaired and she was beside her self. A MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PAIN FREE IDEA. We will be ordering nemo next!!!!
Heidi Bruder-Dennis

I got the eye patch the very next day & I just wanted to thank you so much for the prompt delivery and its a great success with my 6 year old son. thanks again
Deborah Carmichael

We have received the patches yesterday, thank you very much! They are great and my daughter is much more confortable and happy now! Thanks again.
Sofia Seabra

I have ordered two eye patches from you for my daughter and my Mother-in-law has ordered one too, they are brilliant and she enjoys wearing them and gets lots of attention. i have recommended you to everyone who asks!

Many thanks for the rapid delivery of the eye patch I ordered for my son. I had it within 24 hours. Brilliant service!
Heather Thacker

Thank you for the speedy service. My daughter tried her new patch on as soon as it arrived and shouted "It doesn't hurt!" with amazement, as she put it on.
We are so pleased that she will now wear her patches without any irritation or bringing out her eczema as the plaster patches were doing. Thank you
Jane Ainscow

I am over the moon with the patches as we have gone from frequent bouts of tears to actually requesting to wear the patch. M'eye patch has made improved the whole eye patch experience for both me and my son. It has
exceeded my expectations.
Helen Quaggin

Thank you, great service!
This is my second time purchasing and have also recommended your company.
My son's sight is improving and he loves his patch.
Neil O'Connor

Fantastic service and what a great product - much less stress than sticking on those nasty big plaster ones. No issue whatsoever to get my 3 year old son to wear his bright dragon patch (and sticker is a nice idea too).
WHY my hospital does not know of your company to recommend to parents is beyond me. Many thanks!!

Received eye patches today. over the moon with them. they are fantastic. thanks
Aine Fearon

Thank you so much for coming up with something so fantastic!
My daughter really hated having her sticky patch on, but now enjoys choosing which patch she will wear each day and actually looks forward to wearing it. No more tears!
Claire Parkinson

The M'eye patches have been enthusiastically received by all my private patients in London. In fact they have been so popular that I even had a mother who had returned to USA, contact me for a repeat order.
They fit well, are cool and comfortable but above all are fun for the children to wear.
Carolyn Calcutt, Consultant Orthoptist, BUPA Cromwell Hospital, Arnott Eye Associates & The London Clinic Eye Centre, Harley Street, London

''We have used your patches for a long time and parents and children really like them.''
Tricia Rice, Head Orthoptist, Hillingdon Hospital, London

My daughter has been using your eye patches for about six months now with great results. She has gone up seven levels in her sight.
I was approached in a restaurant the other day by an optician who works in Belgium and was here on holiday. She was really impressed with my daughter's patch and so I gave her your website details as she would like to recommend them to her patients but says that they don't have anything similar there.
Thank you so much for creating your patches. I get to have fun with my daughter spending time chosing which patch she will wear that day and for a three year old that it a real accomplishment and so much better than the tears and misery I used to get. My daughter has mild exzema and the plasters were bringing her out in red welts around her eyes, so the fabric patches are a real life saver. Her eye sight is so much better and she is happy - what more could I want? I am happy to be quoted on that by the way.
Lydia Whitehead

Oh my god, I ordered a patch for my 4 year old son on Tuesday afternoon and to my shock it was on my doormat Wednesday morning. My son immediately wanted to put it on, especially as I had ordered the one with skull & crossbones (he thinks he's a pirate). He kept it on most of the day, way longer than I ever imagined. Will be ordering some more for him. The horrible plaster patches from the hospital are now only for the teddies.
Thank you for designing a product that causes no tears and arguments.
Kat Gower

I wanted to say what a fantastic difference the M'Eye patches have made to my son Daniel. He was wearing the sticky patches for 6 months and we had tears daily. On his last hospital visit we were told he could need to wear a patch for 3 more years and so I was desperate to help find something to ease the trauma of the sticky patches, I found your website and ordered 3 different patches and have never looked back, Daniel loves chosing what patch he will wear that day, we never have tears or arguments or constant asking when can he take it off, now he puts a patch on no trouble at all! What a relief, great service too, cant recommend it enough! thank you
Natalie Wilson

I ordered three eye patches a few months ago and am re-ordering because my daughter is changing her frame to the plastic one. the patches are fantastic! i have not been able to find them anywhere else. even the optician at the hospital was impressed!
Bal Sandhu

I ordered an eye patch online on Friday last and received it in the post Monday morning in Ireland. Great service fantastic product. Thank you.
Terry Warner

Just a short note to add some positive feedback. Amelia likes her (Hello Kitty) patch, she has no objection to keeping it on for the prescribed three hours a day. So, thanks very much and fingers crossed for her first follow-up appointment next month.
James Hogbin

I would just like to say thank you. We have tried to encourage our 4 year old for months to wear the adhesive patches with no success and a lot of tears. I discovered your website purely by accident and was amazed. I have no ordered 2 of your patches, our son is happier and doesn't notice he's wearing one. Hopefully this is the cure we've been looking for so many thanks.
Julie Coughlin

Hello, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the patches that I purchased from you. I only ordered them yesterday and they arrived in this mornings post, which was fantastic. My little girl was given 'sticky' patches at the hospital but it could be difficult to get her to keep them on for the prescribed 4 hours a day. I always insited she keep them on, as it was for her own good, but it often caused tears and tantrums, which was tough. However, she has happily worn her new Dora patch all morning without a single complaint! I am delighted, the patches were exactly what we needed and she really loves them. Many thanks.
Donna Mumford

Really nice to get prompt delivery of our orders and lovely designs.
Clare Miller, Head Orthoptist, North Middlesex Hospital

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you so much for sending me the correct patches after i ordered the wrong ones. You are fantastic as are the patches i don't think i would have got my son to wear the ones the hospital gave him, and now a year on its like getting dressed. Thank you for making this easier for us. Many thanks.
Robyn Smith

This is the second eye patch I have ordered from you - I lost the original on the way home from school today, but it has worked brilliantly for my daughter. She has been wearing it since November and it has woken up her lazy eye, it's now almost as good as her "good" eye, so we are all delighted.
Suzanne Chamberlain

I can add to other compliments that we have found your patches very well received, good quality, choice and fit, Glad to see the M'eye patch 2 for the glasses without nose pads.
Tricia McKinley, Head Orthoptist, Edgware Community Hospital

Hi Jennifer, sorry I haven't let you know earlier about Brontys patches. They arrived on the Easter Tuesday, I was stunned considering it takes 10 days for a letter to get 300 metres from post office to my daughters school. Bronty loves her patches and takes great pride in showing them off to everybody, she has been quite ill these last few weeks, when she gets better we will take a photo and send it. I will say goodbye for now, thanks for your great product and speedy attention towards orders.
Linda, Australia

I think your product is great. (my daughter) Olivia is lucky that after seeing those awful sticky patches, I went on the internet and looked into other types of patch.
Mrs Dunne, Germany

The patches have arrived and Kate is very happy with them. Thank you so much!
Fiona, Edinburgh, UK

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the eye patches. So far they have been a real hit! Thanks again.
Emma Lynch, Ballinasloe Opticians, County Galway, Ireland

It's great that you did start doing this, as I have tried many others and none are as good as yours! So glad that you ship them over all this way, and that only within 7 days!
Femke, Queensland, Australia

I got my first order of two eye patches for my daughter yesterday and they are excellent! What a difference to using plaster patches which hurt her skin and don't look nice. She is far less self-conscious about her M'eye patches. I've just ordered three more. What a brilliant design - well done!
Emma, Wiltshire, UK


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