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We have tried to encourage our 4 year old for months to wear the adhesive patches with no success and a lot of tears. I have now ordered 2 of your patches, our son is happier and doesn't notice he's wearing one. Hopefully this is the cure we've been looking for so many thanks.
Julie Coughlin

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Occlusion therapy, or patching, is a medical treatment and as such should only be carried out under the close supervision of your orthoptist or ophthalmologist. Attend your hospital or clinic appointments regularly so that your child's vision can be closely monitored during treatment. Only patch your child for as long, or as little, as prescribed.

Several factors determine whether or not patching will be successful, including your child's age. M'eye Patch therefore does not guarantee that your child's vision will improve, even when the patch is worn under orthoptic supervision. Please discuss your child's prognosis with your orthoptist.

Some patches are made using licensed fabrics featuring well known Disney or TV characters. These are not licensed products. They are handcrafted with care using licensed fabrics. We are not in any way affiliated with Disney, Nickelodeon et al.


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