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I got my first order of two eye patches for my daughter yesterday and they are excellent! What a difference to using plaster patches which hurt her skin and don't look nice. I've just ordered three more. What a brilliant design - well done!
Emma, Wiltshire, UK

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Fitting Instructions

Our Standard M'eye Patch is ideal for glasses with nose pads i.e. the kidney shaped flexible pads which rest on either side of the nose.
However, if your child's glasses do not have any nose pads and have moulded frames, you should choose M'eye Patch 2 (MEP2). This version of the patch has been especially designed for this style of glasses. Fitting is aided by means of woven coloured elastic.

Standard Eye Patch
for glasses with nose pad

1. Slide the arm of the glasses through the slits on side

2. Pull patch round towards the nose pad

3. Feed nose pad through slit in eye patch

4. Done!

M'eye Patch 2
for glasses with a moulded frame

1. First slide the arm of the glasses through the elastic, then through the double slits

2. Slide the patch onto the glasses stretching the elastic over the frame

3. Pull elastic of patch round as shown above

4. Done!

Did you know? If you or your child has long eyelashes,
M'eye Patch can be contoured for comfort by pushing out the central fold.


Disclaimer: M'eye Patch and MEP2 are class 1 medical devices registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Only use these patches in accordance with instructions given by your child's orthoptist or ophthalmologist.

MEP2 is a British Registered Design No: 4012642


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