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I got my first order of two eye patches for my daughter yesterday and they are excellent! What a difference to using plaster patches which hurt her skin and don't look nice. I've just ordered three more. What a brilliant design - well done!
Emma, Wiltshire, UK

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Hints & Tips

As orthoptists, we understand how difficult it is for your child to wear a patch. We are, after all, asking him to cope with reduced vision for a few hours a day which must seem very unfair to a small child. However, the following hints and tips may help to make the experience less traumatic for both of you:

•  ENJOY some quality time together when your child is wearing his patch. Reading, painting, jigsaw puzzles and even online games (visit www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc) can help take his mind off wearing the patch as well as providing some much needed visual stimulation.

•  PRAISE AND REWARD your child every time she wears her patch, even if it is only for a fraction of the time prescribed. Stickers, treats, a trip to the park, a favourite game can all help to encourage your child to wear her patch.

•  GLASSES must be comfortable and fit well in order to maximise your child's visual potential. He should be looking through the centre of the lens. Your new fabric patch will only provide effective occlusion if your child's glasses fit correctly. If necessary, take your child back to the optician to have his glasses adjusted.

•  ATTEND your clinic/hospital appointments regularly. It is important that your child's vision is monitored closely when wearing a patch. If she has been wearing the patch as prescribed, in most cases you will see a steady improvement in her vision. If, however, you are finding it difficult to encourage your child to wear her patch, your orthoptist may be able to find an alternative solution for her, if appropriate.

•  FINALLY - remember, if your child wears his patch as prescribed by your orthoptist, his vision will improve more quickly and he will be able to stop the treatment sooner rather than later!! Please note, although I am a qualified orthoptist, the above is general advice and I will not comment or offer advice on the treatment of individual cases. Please contact your child's orthoptist.


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