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I found your website and ordered 3 different patches and have never looked back, Daniel loves chosing what patch he will wear that day, we never have tears or arguments or constant asking when can he take it off, now he puts a patch on no trouble at all! What a relief, great service too, cant recommend it enough!
Natalie Wilson

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•  The British and Irish Orthoptic Society - www.orthoptics.org.uk
Visit this site for patient information on squint and amblyopia and free leaflets to download.

•  The Squint Site - www.squint.co.uk
Published by renowned ophthamologist, Miss J. Raina, this site provides comprehensive information on the different types of squint and the various treatment options available.

•  The Childhood Cataract Network - www.childhoodcataracts.org.uk
The Childhood Cataract Network is a new parent and patient-led UK support group for those affected by childhood cataracts. They provide medical and parenting information, links to other sources of support and advice, plus the chance to get to know others affected by childhood cataracts. This is a condition which often leads to amblyopia and the need for occlusion (patching).

•  Eye Patch UK - www.eyepatchuk.org
Eye Patch UK is a support network and resource for parents and carers of children who have to wear an eye patch due to amblyopia (lazy eye), or for any other reason. They are dedicated to improving children's vision by helping parents to achieve the recommended patching time. Read the personal stories of others or submit one of your own and gain more useful tips and advice.

•  Eyewear Straps Ltd - www.eyewearstraps.com
Visit this site for a wide range of glasses cords and retainer straps especially for children. These can help prevent your child's glasses from slipping down his nose so he can gain the maximum benefit from his glasses and his M'eye Patch.


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